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Alice Johnson
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Alice Johnson lives in Southern California. She was born and raised in the Los Angeles area by her parents along with 3 older brothers, no sisters with her being the youngest of the siblings. As she grew up and married she struggled in life with her first husband which brought much sorrow and a divorce while trying to raise a daughter as a single parent which produced her gift to writing inspirational poetry.
She then went onto Bible College, got her life in order and met a wonderful Christian man, they then married on the foundations of the Lord which has made their marriage strong and stable for the past 25 years. Alice now lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband as they continue to draw closer to the Lord. In her spare time she enjoys going to her local church as well as spending time with her family and friends, children and grandchildren. Alice continues to pray, write and inspire others with her poetry as her inspirational poetry touches the hearts of her readers.
She is for the most part a quiet and peaceful serene type of person that gets along well with others, a character that seems to move with the grace and love through her writings, it seems to just flow like water out of a pitcher, it seems to come with ease as this is her nature in life that seems to portray that calm tranquil image of her to those she has always been with and continues to meet each and every day in her life.
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Alice is such an inspirational person that lifts your spirit, giving you that hope to encourage you to press on through your obstacles to obtain your goals with her inspiring poetry as she smiles as though you are actually there with her to take your hand every step of the way until you are strong enough to carry yourself, but always remember, the Lord is by your side.
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